We are Ambada.

A creative team.

Building ventures.

On revolutionary ideas.

And brilliant projects.

About us

We are Ambada. A creative team from the heart of Europe. We mainly build ventures from scratch, based on our own ideas. We also invest in startups and make partnerships with the ones who join our firm. We work together, sharing resources, thoughts and experience.

About Ambada


Building a pyramid? Not a bad idea, but we think we have better ones. That must be built now. That can and will put a dent in the universe. Join us to build them together. Maybe your ideas are better than ours. Come join us and let us help you.

The team



  • “Házfal is a truly awesome project. People using this private social network simply love it, and they feel like they're part of a great community. We at Házfal want to change all condo complexes in the world.”

  • “Incredible idea! Have you ever wondered about the best way to make your employees engaged in team-building sports events at your firm? We have, and we've found the answer.”

  • “Are you an online gamer? Would you be interested in playing against the pros? If so, check out FanGame4Me, and get ready for the most challenging game of your life.”

  • “There are plenty of fish in the sea. With us, you can find them all.”